180 Program

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Supporting efforts toward positive change

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The 180 Program is founded on a "system of care" model. Resident and family services are community based, resident centered, family focused, and culturally and linguistically competent.

Comprehensive: Each participant is thoroughly assessed, at multiple levels in the following areas: Mental Health, Medical Health, Educational Needs, Family/Relationships, Legal

Individualized: Based on the results of the previous and current assessment, a treatment plan is designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the resident, and put it into action.

Coordinated: All system delivery levels are organized to treat the multi-disciplinary needs of the resident, while reducing service duplication.

Partnership Based: Both the resident and their family are viewed as full partners in the therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation process. Social workers, probation officers, etc. are all considered valuable members of a participants team and work together to support program participants in their success.

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The 180 Program is:

  • Screening and Assessment
  • Education
  • Therapy
  • Vocational Training
  • Community Participation (Giving Back)
  • Aftercare
  • Case Management

What We Do

We pride ourselves on creating authentic relationships between our team of dedicated professionals, program participants, and their families