Commercial Building Permits

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Where do I need a Permit for a Commercial Project?

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Permitting Authority

When do I need a Commercial Permit from Eau Claire County? 

  • A new building or structure containing less than 50,000 cubic feet of total volume.
  • An addition to a building or structure where the area of the addition results in the entire building or structure containing less than 50,000 cubic feet of total volume.
  • An addition containing no more than 2,500 square feet of total floor area and no more than one floor level, provided the largest roof span does not exceed 18 feet and the exterior wall height does not exceed 12 feet.
  • An alteration of a space in a building containing less than 100,000 cubic feet of total building volume.
  • New or rewired electrical services in a commercial structure.
  • Alterations to a commercial buildings structure or alterations to a commercial buildings plumbing, heating, or electrical systems
  • All electrical wiring in a commercial structure of any size or volume.
  • Any conversion of a building from one use to a commercial use.

What do I need to submit for a Commercial Permit?

Building Plan Requirements

To obtain a Commercial Building Permit a completed permit application, site plan, building plans including all component submittals and applicable fees must be submitted to the county.  The zoning and sanitary permits must also be obtained.

Commercial Building Permit Application  (Printable  /  Fillable)
Commercial Plan Review Checklist
Fee Schedule
Setback Requirements by Zoning District

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